What is a Blog and where did they come from?

The term blog is derived from the words web and log. A blog is a way to keep a record of different thoughts, informative content and general topics of interest to the ‘blogger’ or writer publically on the Internet. The topic/theme of the blog usually remains the same throughout every post to ensure a similar transition between each post and engage regular readers who return to see new content. A blog is generally written in 1st person, which allows for a personal perspective on the topic/discussion of each post. Blog posts are usually shorter in text length rather than longer though in can vary depending on the topic and the bloggers personal style. Blogs are publically accessible. They can easily be linked to and read by people across the globe. Blogs are always listed in reverse chronological order.

In regards to the history of blogging the World Wide Web was invented in 1990 and then released to the public in 1993. In 1994 online diaries were created. Though these were far from the appearance of a modern blog pioneer Justin Hall began to tell his life story on his page links.net. This was the first form of recording content that can be publically viewed. Before modern sites allowed the simple and easy creation of blogs early bloggers had to self-code their sites or use HTML editing software like Adobe Dreamweaver. Blogs over the past decade have become more advanced and can now be easily created by anyone, anywhere.


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