Blog Case Study: Gallucks


What do you like about it?

The blog is very well laid out and everything looks similar. That is there is nothing that feels out of place and all the material is related and of the same theme. The interface is also very easy to use and everything can be found within a few clicks. This could be the Instagram account or just a simple search for a post on a particular matter.


Why do you think it works well?

I think it works well because all the images and text are similar in theme and style making it pleasing to new readers and viewers. They are not turned off by in your face and out of context information.


How does the author (or editors, publisher) use authoring, publishing and distributing in the online space to get an audience?

The author/owner makes use various links to get their content to the audience. He mainly has people link to the blog site via his YouTube channel or Instagram and Twitter account.


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