Tags in Blogging

Why do we use tags?

Tags are a very effective and efficient way of group content so that it can be easily found when key words are searched. It also is useful to find similar content that is about the same or similar topics within the blog.

How to tag?

Tagging can be done easily through your WordPress interface when you create a post. To the left of you create there is a widget that has the heading ‘Tags.’ Using this you can add keywords like ‘food’ or ‘money’ and separate them each via a comma. Then click ‘Add’ and they will appear on your post when you click the final publish button.


Case study: Pascal Egle

This Instagram user tags all their posts so that they can be collated with other posts of similar themes to ensure their content reaches their desired audience. All tags are related to fashion or other accounts that repost. This ensures the content is only driven to those that wish to see it and check it out.


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