What did I do in the last 24 hours on the internet and where. 25/03/2017

Here is a small recount of what I did on the internet in the past 24 hours.

Snapchat: I went to the races today and shared some shots of the day with my friends privately as well as on my story. I did this by using the simple interface that takes the images with my phone camera and then selected who I wanted to send the photos I took too. I did this to share my day with my friends and followers. I also added some captions on the images that had context to the day.

Facebook: I commented on a photo that a friend tagged me in. I received a notification that one of my friends had tagged me in a meme. I liked the comment, as the meme was relatable and then commented myself. This was more in a sense of entertainment and I felt due to its context a comment was necessary.

Instagram: Today was a big day for my Instagram account. I uploaded my first story to the platform. It was a simple boomerang video of some new common projects sneakers I was wearing with a black and white filter. The video was filmed through the app using my mobile phone’s camera. The black and white filter was then added over top and it was then published to my account.

Spotify: On the train to Melbourne from my hometown Benalla I stream music through the Spotify app on my phone. I was able to do this through my mobile data. I did this because the trip was almost 3 hours and I needed some form of entertainment to help pass the time. I also listened to some of the new releases in the ‘Browse’ section which features top hits as well as specific genres.

Google Chrome: Using the app on my phone I browsed for a new watch that I have been looking for. The search engine came up with many results and I was able to open new tabs and look at various options. This was helpful in helping me to decide what watch I should buy and I was able to easily find reviews of various models with a simple search. This activity was primarily done in terms of research .


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