What did I do in the last 24 hours on the internet and where. 26/03/2017

Here is a small recount of what I did on the internet in the past 24 hours.

The Real Real: I used this consignment website located in the United States to purchase a new pair of shoes that I had been searching around for a while. I check this website regularly and it just happened that the exact pair in my size was available. I did this because I had been after the shoes for a while and online was my only option as there are no local stores that stock them in my size currently. I just used the search engine on the site to see if they currently had the shoes.

CommBank App: After purchasing my shoes I needed to check the conversion rate and the exact amount that was deducted from my account. I did this my accessing my account via the CommBank app on my smartphone. I was able to see the exact amount that was deducted in Australian dollars as on the website the payment was in USD.

RMIT library: I needed to refer to some Journals and articles that I could reference and use to develop my essay for my Copywriting assignment. The RMIT library has the most reliable sources and with an easy to use search engine I was able to find what I needed in no time. Once I had found relateable journals I was able to easily get the citations for these articles directly from the journal/article website.

RMIT LMS: I used the Blackboard interface to check my assignment brief as well as the rubric for my assignment that was due to ensure I had met all the requirements and was not forgetting anything. I did this by logging into my RMIT student account, then going to course and then clicked the blackboard link on my Copywriting course draw down menu.

YouTube: There are a few YouTuber’s that I watch every video they post and today I watched the latest one from Sangiev. He mainly posts about menswear and fashion. I watch his videos mainly for entertainment but also for advice and inspiration for new outfits. I watched the video through the YouTube site on my computer. I enjoy his videos as they are informative, at times humorous and easy to watch.


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