What did I do in the last 24 hours on the internet and where. 27/03/2017

Here is a small recount of what I did on the internet in the past 24 hours.

Facebook: As I work as a lifeguard I needed to get one of my shifts covered, due to myself been unavailable on the day coming up. The easiest way to get a shift covered is to make a post in the private group for the Kew Recreation Center Lifeguards and wait for someone to comment that they can do it. I also added a meme relating to lifeguarding to my post to help enthuse someone to take the shift. I just did a simple Google search for ‘Lifeguard memes’ and selected one that I thought was appropriate. It also was used as a small entertaining device for everyone in the group.

YouTube: I logged on to YouTube and just did a quick catch up on any of my new subscriptions. There was 3 videos in total that I watch for purely entertainment purposes.

Checked the roster system for work: At my workplace (Kew Recreation Centre) they just recently moved to an online roster system were no longer are sent copies of the entire roster but are now required to check it through a website called RITEQ ourselves. First though we have to go to our YNet (YMCA interface) account which will link us to the online roster system. From this we can easily check when we are working.

Linked In: I received an email on my Gmail account that informed me that I have new contacts to add. I clicked the link and was taken to the Linked In website where I was prompted to log in. I then went to the notifications tab where I then accepted the new contacts. I also did some minor updates to my profile like uploading a new profile picture that was taken a few weeks ago and also updated my work experience. I added that I had been lifeguarding for over 3 years as well as work experience that I had done at an advertising firm in Melbourne (CHE Proximity).


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