What did I do in the last 24 hours on the internet and where. 28/03/2017

Here is a small recount of what I did on the internet in the past 24 hours.

Online Shopping: After researching a new pair of glasses I wanted to purchase I found them for sale on www.otticanet.com. This is a website that specialises in glasses and can also send them with your prescription pre-fitted. Also used Google to search for a discount code that I could apply to my checkout.

Google Search:  I used Google search to find OPSM’s number so I could call them and get my glasses prescription emailed to me. I was taken to the contact page where the 1800 number was found. As I was using the web page on my smartphone I was able to click the number and then call it instantly. Once I had asked the customer service lady for my prescription she emailed it to my personal email where I could access the pdf file. I also searched movie times at Lido cinemas on Glennferrie Rd, Hawthorn as I was thinking about going to a movie for some entertainment and movie tickets are discounted on Tuesdays. There were no movies to my liking though but I did find some information about membership pricing.

Job search: I had some spare time so I thought I would have a look to see if there was any interesting jobs available in the CBD in regards to fashion and retail. I went on au.indeed.com and www.seek.com.au. Using their search bars I was able to put in the located, industry and whether or not I wanted full time or part time work. Various results came up and I looked through many of them though nothing really fit my criteria exactly. This was mainly just done for research purposes and to see what was currently available.

Hypebeast: Hypebeast is a commercial blog that focuses on fashion, lifestyle and design. I am usually taken to this blog via Facebook links on my feed as I have liked the page. I visit the blog for entertainment purposes and to read recent articles about new shoe and clothing releases as well as inspiration in regards to design and new brands.


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