What did I do in the last 24 hours on the internet and where. 30/03/2017

Here is a small recount of what I did on the internet in the past 24 hours.

Google Docs: Today I accessed my google docs account under my RMIT email as I needed to add some links to my Networked Media document in regards to the assessment. I also looked at the Google Doc in regards to the essay that is a part of the 1st assessment.

Snap Chat: Throughout the day I sent various snaps to friends and family. Most of these were sent for entertainment purposes or to show what I was up to at that point in time. I also viewed my main friend’s stories to see what they are up to. There are also some people I follow on SnapChat so I watch their stories while passing some spare time I had.

Facebook: I’m not sure why but on my feed today I found more amusing material than usual. Most of it was also very relatable to situations that had happened with friends in the last few days. Due to this I tagged them in the posts and wrote a small comment to accompany it. I also check my notifications and found that I have 2 events coming up this weekend.

Gmail: On my smartphone I always get a new notification when I receive an email from any of my various Gmail accounts. There were a few emails from RMIT, a few private ones and also around 60 promotion emails from the last 24 hours. I like to check my Gmail regularly to ensure I do not miss anything important and often I will be awaiting replies and need to send emails.

Sadly we are now at the end of my week on the Internet. I hope you enjoyed my small recounts.


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