Analysis Blog Entry 1- Evidence

Throughout the 7-day period I found that overall my online media usage was very similar day to day with only a few exceptions when I did something different or out of my ordinary usage. It seems that I spent most of my time on online social media networks like Facebook and Instagram along with entertainment platforms like YouTube and Snap-Chat. I also used Google search regularly throughout the week for both personal research and uni related searches along with some general browsing. In other entertainment uses I streamed music through Spotify both on my phone and on my computer most days due to its large music library and free to use features.

When I look back on the week most of my online media use was on my Smartphone rather than my computer. Most applications are only available on a smart phone so this would be one of the reasons though others like portability and convenience would be major ones too. Entertainment seemed to be the biggest trend across my daily research. When I looked at my daily Internet use over the week period this proved correct. It was also very clear that I was more of a consumer than a content producer as I really only posted or uploaded something on some days.

In regards to social media Facebook was used in more of a private/direct manner. When I tagged people in various posts it was more because it was relatable to them rather than writing a public comment about the post. I also tended to post on private groups where only those in the group would see what I wrote.

Each day was very similar in regards to the activities I was doing. Each day I would work, go to uni/work on uni assignments and do some form of exercise. I did not have very much spare time as a result where I could spend endless hours on the Internet.

As I side not I found that due to the ease Internet access on my Smartphone I could just easily Google search something or watch a video while I was on public transport or waiting in a line. This made my Internet consumption increase dramatically.


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