Analysis Blog Entry 2 – Evaluation

It was clear that I am more of a consumer rather than a content producer when it comes to online media. Throughout the week I felt and in general that content production takes a lot of time and effort whereas being just a consumer does not involve near as much. Maybe if I had more spare time I would produce more content but currently it is only a random occurrence if I do this. This does however conflict with current views on Web 2.0, which refers to the Internet being a place where people can easily share content. In thinking I feel that not as many people are content producing as they feel intimated or unsure if they can produce content to the high standard seen today on social media and online sharing platforms like YouTube. It seems that there is a pressure now to have content that looks professional and creates a certain image of what you want others to see of you.

I feel this direction will be suitable to form the main question of my essay. The Instagram accounts I follow as well as the videos I watch on YouTube are all of a very high quality and looks professionally done even though a single producer makes them. Personally I feel if I were going to upload frequent content I would want it to be of a high standard similar to this or I would not feel comfortable posting it. I also felt this pressure when I uploaded an image to Instagram due to my profile being public. In the end and reflecting now on my content production the quality was not what I would want on my account. I feel that when you post on social media you should create an image of what you want to portray yourself as to future employers and possible new business. The Internet is far more than just a basis for entertainment.


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