Analysis Blog Entry 3 – Reflecting on the reflection

While I felt that I reflected on my main Internet uses accordingly throughout the week I still feel the big picture was somewhat missed. I more so just went day by day and did everything without really thinking why. Why am I doing this? And why has it now become routine to check my messages and notifications as soon as I get up? It seems that now I have become locked into a routine with my Internet use and do not branch out into finding new forms and uses for it. I have so much at the tip of my fingers and yet I only use it to the most basic of its potential.

In my description of the journey I took with the documentation process I feel I should have gone into more specific usage times and trends. I couldn’t do this due to the fact I didn’t do my initial daily posts in relation to time unfortunately. I feel this would have been very valuable because it would have allowed me to see the trends not only on a daily basis in regards to my usage but also across the week and to see what technological routine I was actually in.

In regards to my evaluation I feel I could further develop the essay question and thinking behind why it is that people are now starting to feel more pressure when they post on a public platform. Some additional research into previous studies may be helpful to do this. Thinking for some time about it I feel that basing my essay on why people are posting less due to the demand for high quality content will allow for an insightful analysis on not only human behavior but also the potential that can come of using the Internet to its fullest.


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